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No action over Mid-Staffs doctors

No action over Mid-Staffs doctors

Four senior doctors who worked at the Mid Staffordshire Hospitals Trust during the recent care crisis have had their cases dropped by the General Medical Council (GMC).

Dr John Gibson, Dr Valerie Suarez, Dr David Durrans and Dr Dermot Mulherin, who all held senior management positions, were investigated by the GMC, but the regulator has now said it is dropping the cases, stating that legal advice had found that there was “no realistic prospect” of securing a finding against them.

The decision comes after widespread criticism when the public inquiry was published in February that those responsible for the scandal have not been held to account, and means that, of the 43 doctors who worked at Mid Staffs who cases were taken to the GMC, just one, Dr Adil Farouk Elamin, has being struck of the register.

Chief Executive of the Patients Association, Katherine Murphy, commented that ““Every case must be dealt on its merits and it is important that we do not unfairly condemn clinicians and cast doubt on their fitness to practice when hearings have not been held against them.

However the general delay in holding individuals to account for failings at Mid-Staffordshire are outrageous.

Years on, and after huge numbers of avoidable deaths, we have still only just scratched the surface of holding the nurses, clinicians and managers to account for the failings that occurred.”

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