Rate and Review your experience of Hospital Care in the UK

Hospital Ratings in the UK

Looking for Hospital Ratings in the UK?

Good Luck!  We have been unable to find any Hospital Ratings information that is meaningful to Joe Public in the UK.

Hospitals Rated has been created to fill the Hospital Ratings void.

With our easy to use 10 Star Hospital Rating system anyone can feed-back useful information about their Hospital experiences, good or bad; NHS or Private.

We invite everyone to rate their experience of Hospital Care in the UK.

Our Hospital Rating System is free to use, very easy and anonymous.

If you want to give more information our Forum facility allows discussion and gives the opportunity to air your views and make suggestions about healthcare provision in the UK.

Rate your experience of Hospital care in the UK on Hospitals Rated:

  • Were you treated like Royalty?
  • Did the staff care, or were they just going through the motions?
  • Was the food great, or was it just about edible?
  • Were you kept informed in a way you could understand?
  • Were you in and out too quickly?
  • Would you recommend your hospital to friends and relations?  Rate Here…
About Hospitals Rated:

We have no particular axe to grind or issue to pursue. We love the NHS and have personally benefited from this service many times.

We did however identify that there was no easy to use facility to rate your experience of Hospital Care, good or bad, Private or NHS.

We hope that Hospitals Rated will fill that gap.

We want this website to be authoritative and useful, so any suggestions for improvements or comments about this website are very welcome.

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