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Hospital Guide 2013

What’s in the Hospital Guide 2013?

We expect this year’s Dr Foster Hospital Guide to be published in November 2013 (exact timing to be confirmed); it will be the 12th edition in the series.

Dr Foster is committed to the publication of the guide as an independent assessment of NHS hospitals highlighting variations in care and also celebrating success within the NHS. Although our focus has traditionally been on the performance of NHS hospitals, this year we are also featuring some measures at CCG level. Following the recent NHS reforms and the emphasis on CCGs to ensure their services provide high quality and efficient care, we believe that now is a good time to extend our portfolio of metrics to cover CCGs.

Dr Foster are committed to making the process of producing the Hospital Guide as transparent as possible and so we have produced a document which outlines our plans. There are versions of What’s in the Hospital Guide 2013 for both acute trusts and commissioners, highlighting those metrics of most relevance for each group and setting out a timeline for this work.

Key themes under consideration for inclusion in this year’s Hospital Guide include, as well as the usual measures of mortality, a focus on constituent components of the HSMR, including the palliative care coding rate, a range of indicators at hospital site (as well as NHS Trust) level and an update on some of our previous work looking at the impact of stroke networks. Among those indicators we are exploring at CCG level are avoidable admissions, PCI for AMI and selected elective procedures.

Dr Foster are developing these metrics in partnership with the Dr Foster Unit at Imperial College London and in consultation with clinicians. Inevitably some will change and may be discarded as this research phase continues and we will keep you informed about this process.

The final metrics, data and methodologies will be shared in the autumn but if you have a question you would like to raise in the meantime, please contact them at hospitalguide@drfoster.co.uk

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