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Emergency doctors demand seven-day primary care support

The College of Emergency Medicine has published a ten point action aimed at resolving the crisis in emergency departments. It calls for other NHS services to provide “effective alternatives to A&E for patients without acute severe illness or serious injury seven days a week”.

The College calls for GP services, social care services and NHS walk-in centers to open longer to take the pressure off casualty wards, as well as action to resolve a “massive staffing shortage ”by making work on casualty wards more attractive with increased incentives for doctors working nights and weekends.

The College’s Vice President, Dr Chris Moulton, said that GP out of hour’s services were not always comprehensive and A&E was the only 24 hour service.

But GPC out of hours lead Dr Peter Holden said general practice was, alongside A&E, the only part of the new NHS which runs a 24/7 service.

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